Free Radical Damage

Winning the Fight Against Free Radicals and Free Radical Damage

What do antioxidants, ORAC scores, free radicals, oxidative damage, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and redox all have in common? They are all involved in the process of how we age and the developmen...

ageingAlkaline Diet - Food Groups

Is An Alkaline Diet the Key To Longevity?

Rebalancing the acid-alkaline levels in your body is the one crucial and easy step you should take every day towards being healthy and energetic. But why is our pH so important for our cells to fun...

anti-ageingGut Health

The Immune System and Your Gut

There are over a thousand different viruses that live in our gut, but we only know the role and function of about 2% of those viruses. Why are they there? What purpose do they fulfil in keeping us ...