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Hydra Longevity - Who We Are

Leadership Team


Richard Spreckley - Hydra Longevity CEO & Co-Founder


Peter Kahler - Hydra Longevity Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder




Richard has over 25 years of international experience within some of the world’s largest companies. As a qualified engineer, he soon realised early in his career that his drive was in delivering business and commercialisation solutions rather than engineering projects. He has gained a vast amount of knowledge from his work in a wide range of industries, having held leadership positions in banking, retail, energy and technology. As a result of this, he has a wide breadth of experience in strategy, process implementation, operational improvement and customer engagement, whilst adhering to global best practices.

Driving company growth through delivering creative, intelligent and innovative business solutions, Richard played a key role within leadership teams on delivering digital solutions involving customer-centric cloud-based system technologies to facilitate data driven transformation.

Richard saw that whilst technology advancements were constantly emerging with what you put on and wear, to monitor and understand health and wellness habits, there was still a lack of innovation with what you put in you. The opportunity in the healthcare market is to focus on what we consume, to support cell health and protect our biological makeup.

With a keen interest in health management and wellness, Richard wanted to create a company focused on developing compelling formulas from natural ingredients found in nature, that support health and manage the ageing process. He wants to see everyone take a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition, with nutrigenomic blends that nurture and nourish your body and mind as we age.

With a focus on developing processes and technology to provide accessible nutrigenomics for everyone, he’s committed and dedicated to harnessing the power of natural food sources for human optimisation.



Since 1986 Peter has been involved in many forms of Nutritional Medicine and Functional Food development and prescribing, staying at the forefront of this ever evolving industry.

Peter is best known for starting one of Australia’s busiest Wellness Clinics which he still consults in today, Oxford Naturopathics, Anti-Ageing and Wellness Centre. For over 28 years, Peter has been guiding thousands of people to better health and wellness using Integrative Therapies including Musculoskeletal work, Nutritional Medicine, Diet & Lifestyle Education, BioEnergetic Medicine and PyhtoMedicine. Peter specialised in Chronic Degenerative Diseases such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Inflammatory Disorders and Digestive Dysfunction especially related to the microbiome.

For the last 10 years, Peter’s focus has been on Human Ageing and Cellular Damage. Much of that damage to our genes is being caused by our way of life. Scientific advancements now allow us to track those damaging effects and provide solutions using nutrigenomic compounds to protect and repair our cellular defences.

Passionate about Biochemistry and how food molecules influence all cellular activity, Peter embarked on a decade of education to enable him to create effective strategies and health programmes and deliver them in a systemised way. Getting to the root cause of all health concerns is the primary goal of any Health Practitioner, treat the cause and allow a cure.

Peter holds formal qualifications from two of Australia’s largest and longest running Natural Medicine Institutions. He has Advanced Diplomas in Health Science (Naturopathic Medicine), Diplomas in Massage, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Mineral Therapy. He holds Certification in Anti-Ageing Medicine from The Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M), is an Accredited Member of the Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA), listed on the Register of Practitioners with the Complementary Medicine Practitioners Associations Council (CMPAC/ANRANT) and a founding member of the Life Extension Foundation (LEF).

Longevity medicine is poised to explode with research continually breaking down the complexity of the human genome. Peter and Hydra Longevity are committed to keeping on top of all the current breakthroughs in understanding and providing exciting innovative solutions for cellular health and gene protection.



Troy McGuinness - Hydra Longevity Chief Engagement Officer




Troy started his career as a Police Officer, and was later lured into the family advertising agency where he quickly found his calling - growing client businesses through marketing and communication. He helped the agency evolve over two decades, from the old production techniques and traditional marketing offerings to bringing the agency into the fore of creative, digital, social, mobile and web development.

Troy has been instrumental in working with a large range of clients, helping them to grow their businesses through marketing and communication strategies, and navigating the changing customer engagement landscape.