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Everybody wants to live a long, healthy life but nobody wants to ‘age’. But ageing doesn’t have to be a negative thing. We're using our decades of experience and knowledge in helping thousands of patients to overcome the many sleep, mood, pain, hormonal, cognitive and gut challenges that tend to accompany ageing. We target the body’s cellular level, the very DNA that makes you, you. We’ve combined tried and tested cellular nutrients with emerging research in anti-ageing advancements from around the world. The result is incredible nutrigenomic blends made from premium ingredients. Taken daily, our Essentials blends will change the way you view ageing and the changes in you will make your friends and family sit up and take notice!


Body Revitaliser Essentials

It’s time to stop accepting the way you feel

We created Body Revitaliser Essentials to give you vibrancy, energy and improved performance in your everyday life. Take daily for optimum results.

• Promote skin regeneration, reduce fine lines & protection from photoageing
• Strengthen immune function to reduce risk of infections
• Enhance energy levels for improved physical performance
• Improve digestive function to reduce bloating
• Boost metabolism & fat burning
• Support brain health to improve memory, concentration and focus
• Control inflammation to reduce aches and pains
• Promote a healthy microbiome for a healthy gut environment
• Improve sleep quality to feel refreshed and energised everyday



There’s lifespan … and there’s healthspan. To live an optimal life and feel the best you can, even better than you thought you could, you need to upgrade your health. We’ve combined earth-grown nutrients, the latest scientific advancements and proven recommendations from scientists and medical professionals. Every serving of our nutrigenomic blends delivers pure, potent, nutrient-dense ingredients selected for their powerful anti-ageing properties.

Our plant-based blends contain a kaleidoscope of whole foods, herbs, spices, fruits, greens, reds, vitamins and other naturally occurring compounds. Every ingredient has earned its place through scientific and traditional understanding and performance. We only put the best in, so you get the best out of every serving.




Untapping the vast potential of naturally occurring ingredients



Hydra Longevity 30 Day Money Back Guarantee




We’re so confident you’ll love our Hydra Longevity product range that if for any reason you feel the product you purchased doesn't perform for you, we’ll gladly offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

All that we ask is that you try it out for at least two weeks to give it a fair shot.