New scientific discovery in what causes a cell to age

September 11, 2019

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July was an exciting month in the scientific world of anti-ageing and longevity. A new discovery! A new understanding! Another step towards finding new disease treatments and novel medicines that could vastly improve our healthspan and lifespan.

The discovery was made by a group of scientists in California while studying one of the 9 Hallmarks of Ageing – Cellular Senescence. Senescent cells are the opposite to stem cells which can divide unlimitedly. Senescent cells are aged and damaged cells that can never divide again. These aged and dysfunctional cells end up clogging tissue, disrupting cellular pathways and interfering with the function and communication of other vital cellular activities.

Scientists have been studying senescent cells for years now and have discovered a number of natural molecules called senolytics, that have the ability to clear out these aged cells and the debris they accumulate. Following this research, we have added many of the natural ingredients that contain the senolytic molecules in our blends at therapeutic dosages, including rice bran, L-Lysine, L-Arginine and resveratrol.

Now – back to the new discovery in July. What these scientists found was that senescent or aged cells stopped producing nucleotides which are a class of chemicals used as building blocks for DNA. These nucleotides are essential for keeping the cell young and functioning properly. They found that as soon as the cell stopped producing these chemicals they aged more rapidly and when they stimulated the cells to produce nucleotides again the cells become youthful. This is very important as it proves that by stimulating the pathways that cells use to regulate themselves and by increasing nucleotide synthesis, we will be able to cause cells to age much more slowly.

What an exciting discovery, proof that we can reverse and slow down the ageing process. If we can keep healthy cells repairing their DNA, regulating their internal pathways, developing plenty of energy from their mitochondria, then we can slow down how quickly we are ageing and improve our wellbeing right through our future years.

Research is continuing on finding ways to reverse the process of cell senescence, trying to make these older cells behave like they were when they were younger. Researchers are also trying to understand more about how the body clears senescent cells from its system and why the body declines in this function as we age.

The good news for all of us is that scientists have discovered multiple natural ingredients that can improve the function of these aged cells, improve the synthesis of these nucleotide chemicals and also boost immune surveillance to clear excess senescent cells associated with ageing. Adding to the natural senolytics containing ingredients mentioned above, we can also include nicotinamide, nicotinic acid and D-ribose, directly influencing the production of nucleotide and the repair of DNA. That’s a very powerful list of natural ingredients we have available to us right now to keep cells healthy and dividing correctly.

The ultimate goal of our blends is to provide the best, purest and most scientifically validated natural ingredients to slow down the rate of age related disease and improve the function and energy of every cell in the body to give us both a better healthspan and a longer lifespan.

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