Healthy Ageing Essentials

Feel and look better. Take years off and turn your life around!

Our answer to a healthier, longer life is Healthy Ageing Essentials which is designed to tackle ageing at the cellular level. Take daily for optimum results.

• Enhance DNA and cellular repair
• Promote mitochondrial fitness & energy production
• Reduce inflammation
• Combat oxidative stress
• Support immune system
• Enhance cognitive function & support brain health
• Support stress management
• Promote skin regeneration

    • Nobody likes looking, feeling or getting older

      More and more people are getting sick with chronic diseases at younger ages. Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer … the statistics are alarming. The problem is, doctors are trained to treat symptoms, not prevent illnesses, and we’ve become a society that turns to a pill to cure everything.

      True health and wellbeing is an inside job

      Healthy Ageing Essentials is an advanced blend of superfood nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols. It was formulated by a Clinical Naturopath with 30 years of successfully treating thousands of patients with all kinds of ageing-related complaints.

      It goes to work deep in your body and works on your DNA, your genes and your mitochondrial function. If your cells are tired and worn out, you’ll be tired and worn out. The more you can do to prevent illnesses, the less pain and suffering you’ll have to endure in trying to overcome them.

      You’re never too old (or young) to reverse the effects of ageing

      Every ingredient in Healthy Ageing Essentials has been specifically selected for the powerful contribution it makes. A daily dose gives your cells a genuine boost, supplying the rich nutrients they desperately need to function properly. All-natural Healthy Ageing Essentials can be beneficial for everyone aged 15 to 115!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Impressive ingredients and nutrition

    I thought I'd offer some feedback on Healthy Ageing Essentials and Body Revitaliser Essentials as I've been on them for a couple of weeks.

    I was impressed by the packaging, the list of ingredients and nutritional information. When they arrived I started taking one lot in the morning and the other at night. I now mix them together and take them in the one go. I found them easy to mix together and they taste great. It is also much easier taking all the nutrients together, at the one time, rather than spread through the day.

    I do a bit of training and I've noticed my performance and energy levels at the gym have improved in the last seven days. I'm also waking of a morning feeling much more rested and fresher. Thanks for these great products.

    These products have won me!

    I have given Hydra Longevity a five star rating. I take the Body Revitaliser in the morning and have noticed more energy and take Healthy Ageing at night which gives me a calming feeling. Taste is tops and ease of having all these goodies in two bottles has won me.

    I would recommend it to anyone

    I have been using both Hydra Longevity Healthy Aging Essentials and Body Revitaliser Essentials and have found both these products to assist with general well being and lethergy. I also love the thought of cell regeneration! Having had a kidney transplant it is great to find a product that I can take that is totally natural and does not interfere with my medication. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is contemplating subscribing to it.