Richard Spreckley

Chief Executive Officer

Richard has over 25 years of international experience within some of the world’s largest companies. As a qualified engineer, he soon realised early in his career that his drive was in delivering business and commercialisation solutions rather than engineering projects. He has gained a vast amount of knowledge from his work in a wide range of industries, having held leadership positions in banking, retail, energy and technology.

As a result of this, he has a wide breadth of experience in strategy, process implementation, operational improvement and customer engagement, whilst adhering to global best practices.

Driving company growth through delivering creative, intelligent and innovative business solutions, Richard played a key role within leadership teams on delivering digital solutions involving customer-centric cloud-based system technologies to facilitate data driven transformation.

Richard saw that whilst technology advancements were constantly emerging with what you put on and wear, to monitor and understand health and wellness habits, there was still a lack of innovation with what you put in you. The opportunity in the healthcare market is to focus on what we consume, to support cell health and protect our biological makeup.

With a keen interest in health management and wellness, Richard wanted to create a company focused on developing compelling formulas from natural ingredients found in nature, that support health and manage the ageing process. He wants to see everyone take a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition, with nutrigenomic blends that nurture and nourish your body and mind as we age.

With a focus on developing processes and technology to provide accessible nutrigenomics for everyone, he’s committed and dedicated to harnessing the power of natural food sources for human optimisation.