Hallmarks of Ageing Summary

While the science and research surrounding these hallmarks is very involved, the influence we can have on them, both lifestyle and molecular is quite simple.

There are many biological factors that are currently being studied to provide insights and direction on how we can modify and improve these Hallmarks of Ageing. Since the first draft mapping of the genome in 2001 to now doing clinical trials of molecules on human cells, there is a wealth of information we're using to develop our blends.

Our unique blends focus on the findings of 8 of the most advanced areas of scientific research currently being undertaken that are influenced by the Hallmarks of Ageing.

  1. Telomere/Telomerase Activity – Genomic Instability, Telomere Attrition, Altered Intercellular Communication, Loss of Proteostasis, Epigenetic Alterations.
  2. Sirtuins/NAD+ - Genomic Instability, Epigenetic Alterations, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Altered Intercellular Communication.
  3. Senescence/Senolytics – Cellular Senescence, Genomic Instability, Loss of Proteostasis, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Telomere Attrition.
  4. AGEs Altered Intercellular Communication, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Deregulated Nutrient Sensing.
  5. Spermidines – Epigenetic Alterations, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Loss of Proteostasis, Altered Intercellular Communication, Cellular Senescence, Deregulated Nutrient Sensing.
  6. Stem Cells – Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Stem Cell Exhaustion, Epigenetic Alterations, Genomic Instability.
  7. Mitochondrial Function Deregulated Nutrient Sensing, Altered Intercellular Communication, Loss of Proteostasis, Epigenetic Alterations, Cellular Senescence, Telomere Attrition, Genomic Instability.
  8. Nutrigenomics Deregulated Nutrient Sensing, Altered Intercellular Communication, Telomere Attrition, Cellular Senescence, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Genomic Instability, Epigenetic Alterations.

Our commitment to combining the latest scientific advancements, earth-grown nutrients and proven applications from medical professionals ensures you can be confident that our nutrigenomic blends are pure, potent, natural. They are formulated using the latest longevity and anti-ageing progress worldwide to influence cells, right down to a DNA level to help everyone achieve healthy living and manage the ageing process. 


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