Our Approach

Our approach is based on the fundamental understanding that the human body is a highly complex systemised machine with all its parts programmed to communicate and influence each other. No one system is isolated from the other, all systems are interconnected with each other. Our bodies works as a whole and must be supported as a whole. Our aim is to enhance the performance and communication of each system at a cellular level so those systems can function at their optimum capacity.

All our blends are designed to provide a wide spectrum of molecules and cofactors to upregulate cellular function and protect the coding in our genes. By doing this, we're bringing the cell back to homeostasis which is the balance required for optimal performance.

Our guiding principle is to treat the body as a whole, allowing natural biochemical reactions to occur at every level. We're focussed on optimising all cellular functions and not overwhelming any one pathway in isolation. We believe in the synergistic approach of providing molecules and chemicals naturally found in our foods to influence each and every cell, allowing them to optimise their internal environment and improve their activity. 

The Code - Understanding How we are Programmed

Modern science has accumulated huge data banks of information about our genes, how they communicate, what activates them, how they interlink with each other and how they are damaged. In a world that is being overwhelmed with the ravages of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, dementia and heart disease, the scientific focus on our genes and cellular function has never been more timely.

Huge inroads have been made into mapping and observing the function of our genes and cellular function. While very complex in function they are very simple in their purpose. Whole system or 'wholistic' approaches need to be developed to target each variable we see in the way our cell behaves and the way it communicates.

It all begins down at the foundation of human existence, our genes – The Code. This is the information of life stored in the library of our cells and directs the cell in its many and varied functions. That Code needs to be protected and given every opportunity to send out its information to all the complex systems that govern our cells behaviour.

To achieve optimal cellular health we need to simultaneously optimise the functioning and interaction of a large number of pathways and signalling compounds. For this reason, our blends are designed to provide multiple points of support from gene protection and communication to how the cell repairs itself. It's our purpose to protect the message and at the same time protect the messenger.

Our Blends - Understanding the Ingredients and their Synergy

Our approach has been to design blends that reflect all the established and emerging research targeted at gene support and cellular regeneration. There's no “one size fits all” approach to this task as we're dealing with a multi-pathway system and a living dynamic organism. We need to take a measured approach to each pathway and support each mechanism to achieve optimal cellular function and life.

It isn’t possible to find one single ingredient to cover all the needs of protection and function. We've developed blends that utilise the special properties of many nutrients and joined them together to exponentially increase the activity and reach of each individual chemical. There are a number of single food molecules that elicit improved DNA expression but when we combine all those molecules together, we see more than a 100-fold increase in activity compared to the individual molecule in isolation. This means we don’t need to use mega dosages of nutrients to achieve a desired outcome, we can use the combination of many targeted nutrients at smaller dosages to achieve the required therapeutic effect.

A great example of this is curcumin. It’s a well-known compound from turmeric that shows strong anti-inflammatory activity however, it only works via a small number of cellular pathways and large doses are required. When you add essential fatty acids, antioxidants, mitochondrial protectors and absorption enhancers, the synergy of this combination allows us to access dozens of cellular pathways to lower inflammation markers and much lower doses are required to get an effect. Using the science of synergy allows us to cover a broad range of cellular needs to protect, repair and regenerate.