Fitness Trainer

Growing up in a small village in the south of Germany, I spent most of my childhood roaming the nearby woods and meadows, developing a deep connection with nature and a strong desire to explore all the wonder and unknown terrain of our planet.

I chose a career path as an Officer in the German Mountain Infantry where I combined my passion for mountaineering with studying for my Master’s degree in Sport Science. In summer 2018, I created manuxadventure as a platform for me to share my passion for nature, literature, fitness and mountaineering with the world.

Over the years, I always trained a few clients alongside my career in the military. And since 2021, I’ve started coaching clients full-time, online and in person, which has been one the best decisions of my life. It’s so rewarding to see your clients succeed, changing their lives around, becoming stronger, more athletic, feeling energised and vibrant, and empowered to take on every challenge that life throws their way.