Chris Miller

Chief Science Officer

Chris has a wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry, coaching for over twenty years, practicing as a registered Chinese Medicine Doctor since 2004, as well as previously holding roles as the Head of Athlete Performance and as the Head of Research and Development for an Australian based supplement company. His area of clinical focus was sports injuries and rehabilitation, and his coaching focus has been identifying the optimal method of health and fitness specific for each individual client.

Chris has a Bachelor of Health Science, a Post Graduate Internship of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University, China, as well as various certificates and qualifications in Personal Training. Since 2004, Chris has completed hundreds of hours of accredited professional development certifications in various training modalities, nutrition, neurology and neuroscience.

Chris began coaching as a teenager in January 1997 and has coached multiple sports including fitness, swimming, water polo, and rugby union. He has gone on to work as a soft tissue specialist and coached over a dozen Olympic Athletes, the QLD Reds, the Brisbane Broncos, the Australian Wallabies, the NT Sevens Rugby Union Team, the Western Force Rugby Union Team, the QLD 7’s Rugby Union Team, male and female world CrossFit games athletes from Australia, and various touring international sporting teams and figures.

His trademark PrimalThenics style of training encompasses elements from his Chinese Medicine, health science, neuroscience and coaching background.

His approach to coaching focuses on driving changes in health parameters via 4 main pillars:

  • Structural Interventions
  • Lifestyle Interventions
  • Environmental interventions
  • Chemical Interventions

The Structural Interventions aspect implements his PrimalThenics style of training. Essentially, the Neuroplasticity of movement: How your body changes the way your brain functions, and how your brain dictates the way your body performs.

Lifestyle Interventions is where Chris directs awareness to, and subsequently changes to, your unconscious habits and day to day activities.

Environmental Interventions are about applying the latest research and applications of Neuroscience into real world activities such as sunlight exposure, circadian rhythm management, and cold and heat protein therapy.

Chemical Interventions incorporates Chris’ background in health science, Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition. This is what has drawn Chris to Hydra Longevity, as he wanted to engage in a more holistic and therapeutic style of nutritional supplementation that saw health and longevity as the ‘end game’.

Chris knows what it’s like to have extreme physical challenges through his life, to lose all motivation, to feel too tired and too time poor to take care of his health. He has had to rebuild himself from scratch, twice. Firstly, just after his 20th birthday he endured his third knee reconstruction and was told he would never walk properly or run again. Then at 29, he had a tumour cut out of his sinuses that left him with severe neurological issues. For 6 months, he couldn't train, read, watch TV or even carry his baby daughter around. Again, he was told it would be permanent. This time instead of wasting precious time following standard rehab, he reclaimed his freedom through challenging traditional paradigms of thinking in regard to rehab and nutrition.

Chris has been utilising the range of Hydra Longevity products as one of his primary Chemical Intervention measures in his Coaching practices with great success and has joined the team with the aligned vision of developing the most holistic and in-depth range of health and longevity products on the market.