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Vibrancy, energy and improved performance in your everyday life.

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Tim N.

Genuinely Makes a Difference

I've been using the Hydra Longevity Body Revitaliser for around 6 weeks now and can certainly feel the difference it makes to my general well being and energy. I've tried pretty much all the various 'superfood' powders available here in Australia and several from the US and this is the only one that made a positive difference.


Helps with bloating & feeling over all better

Can not praise this product enough , my husband & I love it . Take it everyday . Have recommended it to several people ( mostly women going through menopause ) Helps with menopause belly.


Must have product.

If there is only one supplement/health product I was allowed to take for the rest of my life it would without a doubt be this. I have been using body revitaliser for over two years after my nautropath/friend raved about it. I have tried a lot of greens powders but nothing compares. You can feel the positive effects almost instantly. The stacked ingredients work perfectly together at a cellular level. I feel calm, energised, hydrated and nourished. The taste is delicious and even children (or adults who hate anything green) will love it.

49 Functional Foods That Deliver Real Benefits Including:


Take Control of Your Ageing Journey

We’re here you help you control your ageing journey through advanced longevity science. We believe everyone deserves access to personalised health strategies for a longer, healthier life. Using cutting-edge research and evidence backed solutions, we’re providing the tools for your unique path to longevity. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current health or planning for the future, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

Created By Nature, Perfected By Science, Feel The Difference

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By Practitioners

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By Research

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Lab-Verified Ingredients

Manufactured To
AU Gmp Standards


The amount our genes determine how we age


Is due to lifestyle and environment choices

Customer Reviews

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Life Changing!

Cannot believe how much of a difference this product has made to my day-to-day energy levels, gut health, and post exercise recovery. Would highly recommend

Robyn Hamden
Improved my energy levels

The Liver-FX stopped me craving sugar and I lost 7 kg in 5 weeks. I like the Body Revitaliser in my shake, It has a great flavour and has improved my energy level over the course of the day. Recommend both products as well as being Aussie made.


For some one in their 60s this brand and product is must have.
All all their products and never felt better
Must have guys

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