Body Revitaliser Essentials

We created Body Revitaliser Essentials to give you vibrancy, energy and improved performance in your everyday life.

Take daily for optimum results.

  • Enhance energy levels for improved performance
  • Boost metabolism fat burning
  • Support brain health to improving memory and focus
  • Promote skin regeneration and reduce fine lines
  • Control inflammation to reduce aches and pains
  • Improve digestive function reducing bloating
  • Strengthen immune function
  • Promote a healthy microbiome for a healthy gut
  • Improve sleep quality to feel energised every day


Customer Reviews

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Chris Tuatara

Body Revitaliser Essentials

Kieran Longbottom
BRE has been such a game changer for me.

I have found such great benefits from taking the Body revitaliser that its ultimately changed how I live my life.

Amazing stuff!

I bought these at the recommendation of a friend who said she has endless energy since taking the product. I have to say I agree. The first day I was sitting at my desk and couldn't figure out why I was so restless! When the day was over I had plenty of energy to exercise which was great! I've found my sleep quality is a lot better and people have commented that I'm looking better. All round it's a great product and I ordered my second well before my first has run out so I don't miss a day!

Superfoods that deliver real benefits

Body Revitaliser Essentials is an advanced blend packed with superfood nutrients, vitamins, cell boosters, amino acids and alkalisers designed to target the root causes of ageing and related health issues. Explore natural ingredients used in our Body Revitaliser Essentials that help create a healthy internal environment.

  • The supplement you'll wish you had years ago

    When your ‘blah’ days outnumber your good days and you’re always feeling fatigued, can’t seem to concentrate, have zero motivation and don’t wake up feeling refreshed, you must know you deserve better. Soldiering on with headaches, muscle aches and pains and injury flare-ups causes an endless cycle that could lead to worsening symptoms and physical conditions. Stress and anxiety, emotions out of control and feelings of dread are not ‘normal’. Neither are relentless sugar cravings, skin breakouts, food sensitivities and digestion issues.

    Give yourself permission to bounce back!
    Body Revitaliser Essentials is formulated by a Clinical Naturopath and Anti-Ageing & Longevity specialist with 30 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients with exactly these kinds of complaints. Make today the day you have a body full of energy, a brain that’s sharp and focused and a nervous system that’s calmer and more stable.

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We’re so confident you’ll love our Hydra Longevity product range that if for any reason you feel the product you purchased doesn't perform for you, we’ll gladly offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

All that we ask is that you try it out for at least two weeks to give it a fair shot.